Covid-19 has been expanded to the whole world from China. Right now, our country, The United States of America, has felt the weight of this Covid-19 pandemic. Our President and the Covid-19 task force team have strongly recommended on March 16 for all Americans to not to have meetings or gatherings that exceeds ten people in order to prevent the Covid-19’s quick spread.


Therefore, Open Kingdom Church's Session has decided to change our church ministry temporarily to support our government’s effort and to protect our church members’ health. If there is are more updates in changes in the future, the church will let you and your family know as soon as possible.


We hope that you and your family during this time can have an even deeper relationship with God in your devotions and prayer life during these uncertain times. May we turn the God who knows and holds all things and take comfort in His great almighty sovereign love. We pray for God’s continued care for you and your family in His Almighty power and love.


1. Sunday Worship Service - Video Live Stream Only


 - Computer user :  type "www.openkingdom" and find "Online Service" in the middle session. In case, it doesn't work, check the "Sermon" and watch the recorded one later.


- Smart Phone user: Download our own church App. Search "Melbourne Open Kingdom Church" from your App Store or Good Store.


2. Offering


1.       Mail:   You can mail it out or we will send you offering envelopes provided with stamp and mailing address label. Please ask Gerry Bieringer or Paul Cha know for your request


2.       “Online Giving”  is now ready to serve


3. We will let your know the further church schedule after watching the situation.  Let us keep praying and stay strong in God's grace. God bless you!