1.          Welcome to our Sunday Online Worship service

2.         We will reopen our worship service next Sunday. However, due the increase of Coronavirus, we encourage you to stay home and take Online Sunday Service if your don't feel strong and comfortable. When you join Sunday Service, please wear face mask and keep social distance for other people's safety.

3.          Birthday (July) – Cho Ja Park, Jae Choon Ryu, Norman Chouinard

News & Prayer Topics

1. Don M. Kim - Marriage on August 8th 

2. Hye Bieringer – Healing from high pressure

    3.  Harold Zavislak – Healing from the skin cancer on his nose

   4. Fritz Waterman – Back pain and irregular heartbeat relief

     5. KeeJa Park – Trip to Houston for a month

   6. Hae Sook Lee - Trip to Korea